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The authentic Apulian cuisine in the magical atmosphere of a centuries-old citrus grove

Our menù à la carte is a journey through the flavors of Salento and its gastronomic history.

The cuciniera of “A Casa Tu Martinu”

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Chiara Murra

Chiara loves to be called “cuciniera”. Every Chiara’s recipes is a journey through her essence of woman, mother and passionate professional. Chiara Murra is leading A Casa Tu Martinu restaurant since 3 years. A Casa Tu Martinu is a special place filled with tradition and stories from which Chiara draws her inspiration.

The passion in cooking was born thanks to a family tradion: Chiara’s grandphater aimed to plant is own vegetables like zuchinis, aubergines, tomatoes and using it for daily recipes for all their family. Since she was a child the curiosity and instinct put her to looking for the best row materials and to transform it in the best way possible. The curiosity turned into passion over the next few years. Today Chiara continued to create wonderful dishes with passion for her family and our guests.


Guida al Salento 2024
La guida offerta dal Relais San Martino

Scarica gratuitamente la nostra Guida al Salento 2024 e scopri il Salento, una terra ricca di storia, cultura e paesaggi mozzafiato.