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Happy Welcome

Relais San Martinois the first Happiness Hotel in Italy, a format designed and realized by Ria Hotels group. We grant our guests to rise their level of Happiness, health and realization thanks to the employ of a lot of services to take care of our body, mind and spirit. Services are offered by a group of professionals in the wellness sector. The services are based on 5 pillars of the human sphere:

  • sleep;
  • relax;
  • nutrition;
  • life energy;
  • natural beauty.

Moreover we propose wellness programs in order to promote personal health and successful life The Hotel of Happiness is based on the Happiness Protocol published by Ria Hotels Group. Quote from the Happiness Protocol “The happiness is not an emotion, it’s a fortitude that grant anyone to obtain health and reach every goal.

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Welcome to Relais San Martino, the first Hotel of Happiness in Italy.

Ethical Restaurant

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Studying nutrition, we have developed a strong sense of responsibility that characterizes not only our restaurant, but the entire business politics of Ria Hotels Group.

We believe that every restaurateur has to consider its own impact on the guests’ life. We believe that the dining experience should positively nourish the five senses of each guest. Taste has the main role and it has to be satisfied in the best way possible.

We have decided to define A Casa Tu Martinu as an Ethical Restaurant, because we want to work as entrepreneurs and restaurant lovers. Every day we personally research and experiment old and modern nutrition restorative techniques to improve happiness impact on our guests. Quality raw materials are selected respecting the production and distribution of the same. The recipes are designed to satisfy the taste of our guests and, even more, to respect the balance between earth’s health and the health of our guests.

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The Experience of Happiness: our Hotel and Healthy Services

Guida al Salento 2024
La guida offerta dal Relais San Martino

Scarica gratuitamente la nostra Guida al Salento 2024 e scopri il Salento, una terra ricca di storia, cultura e paesaggi mozzafiato.