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Relais San Martino-RSM wind


Hang gliding. It's for anyone who are looking for different point of view flying the thermals above beach surrounded by Mediterranean shrub.
Relais San Martino-RSM water


Diving into the deep calm waters leading down to inspiring dive sites and precious marine ecosystems. Developing a profound respect and intimate connection to the nature through diving, snorkeling and kayak activities.
Relais San Martino-RSM earth


Hospitality is also the opportunity to immerse into new cultures. Here you can discover the the city of Lecce and its Barocco art, or the Unesco World Heritage sites of Alberobello and Matera (in Basilicata). Taking time to reflect while descovering the beauty of nature. Tour by walk or bike.

Guida al Salento 2024
La guida offerta dal Relais San Martino

Scarica gratuitamente la nostra Guida al Salento 2024 e scopri il Salento, una terra ricca di storia, cultura e paesaggi mozzafiato.